Windows Tablets and Laptops

The great thing about these all in one drawing tablets is how portable they are. Since they are full blow computers you can draw anywhere without being tethered to your home computer.

Surface Pro

The Surface Pro has been one of my favorite devices to draw on. It's mobility is great, you can carry it around like a book or file folder but it's a full blown laptop with the keyboard cover. It's not the perfect drawing device but it's darn close.

table-price: $750 + See it on Amazon

ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo

This two screen laptop blew my mind. It's not a great laptop for artists and illustrators because the pen isn't the best but for sketching and note-taking in a laptop form factor it's great.

Price: $2500 + See it on Amazon

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro

the Mobile Studio Pro is pretty heavy and doesn't have a really great battery but boy is it fun to draw on. It can also be attached to a computer and be used as a standard screen based drawing tablet

table-price: $3499.99 See it on Amazon

Surface Book

The Surface book uses the same drawing technology as the Surface pro, in fact the pens are interchangeable. It feels good to draw on but I like the Surface Pro's form factor a little better for illustration.

table-price: $899.99 + See it on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Book

This is Samsung's answer to the Surface Pro. I've heard good things. I haven't had the chance to review on yet.

table-price: $579.99 + See it on Amazon

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